The Best (And Worst) Places to Live in and Around London

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21 December 2014

Whether you are new to London or have lived here all your life, knowing the best places to live is important if you are planning on settling down and having a family. Pick a place that’s too good, and you will constantly be playing catch-up with your neighbours and never truly be happy where you live.

Choose one that is in a less than desirable area, and you could regret moving there for many other reasons.


When looking for a place to live, a lot of things need to be considered including schools, parking, distance to work, shopping and restaurants and how expensive the area is to live in. Here at Let Britain, we have researched the local area and come up with a listing of the top 10 best places to live in London and the top 10 worst places to live. Maybe these will help you find a place to call home that you will truly be happy with.


Here are the Best 10 places to live in London:

1. St. Margaret’s and North Twickenham – Richmond-upon-Thames

2. South Twickenham – Richmond-upon-Thames

3. Wimbledon Village – Merton

4. Thamesfield – Wandsworth

5. Twickenham Riverside – Richmond-upon-Thames

6. Wimbledon Park – Merton

7. East Sheen – Richmond-upon-Thames

8. Tudor – Kingston-upon-Thames

9. South Richmond – Richmond-upon-Thames

10. Canbury – Kingston-upon-Thames


And here are the Worst 10 places to live in London:

1. Queen’s Park – City of Westminster

2. Bruce Grove – Haringey

3. Edmonton Green – Enfield

4. Higham Hill – Waltham Forest

5. Leyton – Waltham Forest

6. Tottenham Green – Haringey

7. Lea Bridge – Waltham Forest

8. Markhouse – Waltham Forest

9. Woolwich Common – Greenwich

10. Northumberland Park – Haringey


These lists aren’t in any particular order and if you live in one of the best, you may not be any better off than someone else in that list. These lists are just to act as a guide to help you find a nice place to live and to raise your family.

If you are unsure about a particular area, the staff here at Let Britain are always standing by to serve you and answer any questions you might have. Remember, researching an area where you want to live is a good idea and we encourage you to see the area for yourself and see how it compliments your life and suits your needs and the needs of your family.