Choosing the perfect neighbourhood can make a world of difference Part 1

How to Choose the Perfect Neighbourhood
17 November 2014

Choosing the right neighbourhood is important; whether you are buying your next home or letting, the right neighbourhood can make all the difference in the world to your quality of life. Is your new neighbourhood close to the things that are important to you? Or will you have to travel long distances to get to work or to see family and friends? These are things that should be considered any time you are looking for a new place to move to.

In this two-part series, we have put together some tips on how you can find the perfect neighbourhood for yourself and your family and we think that if you follow these guidelines, you will be much happier in your new space. Let’s get started.


Establish Your Priorities

First, you should establish your priorities. Find out what is important to you and your family before you decide on a place to move to. If you are active in sports and fitness, finding a neighbourhood that has a decent park of fitness facilities might be important to you. If you have a pet and need a yard for him, this is something that you should look for. The list can go on and on, but if you break it down by NEEDS and WANTS, you will have a much easier time finding your next place to live.

The same goes for the style of place that you are looking to let. If you are a modern, upbeat kind of person, look for a space that reflects that part of your personality. If you like the classic flat, lean more towards that in your search. With almost limitless choices available in today’s letting scene, you are sure to find a space and a neighbourhood that is right for you.


Schools Matter

Whether you have children or not, schools do matter in your new neighbourhood. Perhaps you are planning on having children and you wish to stay in the neighbourhood for a while; finding one with a good school system now, will be a bonus later on. Another reason to find a neighbourhood with a good school is that homes in these neighbourhoods tend to hold their value better. What does this mean to you as a letter? This means that the homes you find will be in much better shape and the owner or letting company will take better care of them.

You may have to do some research to find which schools rate higher than others, but the reward will be in a much nicer neighbourhood and one that will grow with your needs.

That’s the end of Part I of our two-part series on how to find the perfect neighbourhood for you and your family. Be sure to watch for Part II coming very soon where we will talk about transportation needs and how you can compare neighbourhoods to find the right one.


Today, we are going to continue our look into how to find the perfect neighbourhood for you and your family. We have already looked at how to prioritise your needs and how important schools can be, now let’s take a look at a couple more tips that can help you find a space to call home.



Transportation, or lack of it, is another concern that should come into play when looking for a neighbourhood. Many people don’t own a car and they rely on public transportation; is there a transit line close by so you can get to work, the market and anywhere else you need to go? Many communities are designed around a town centre and this provides an advantage to those who like to walk to local restaurants, pubs, shopping centres and entertainment.

Look at how convenient your new neighbourhood will be and decide whether or not it is right for you and your family. Remember, the closer you are to the city centre or public transportation, the more noise you will incur and your perfect neighbourhood might not seem so perfect during rush hour traffic.

Making some compromises in transportation needs could pay off in a better neighbourhood or one that is much quieter, but always keep in mind that you do have to go places and making that job easier, might be worth the extra noise.


Compare Communities

Be sure to compare the neighbourhoods that you like and don’t be afraid to make a checklist and take a walk through the area at different times throughout the day. This will give you the chance to see firsthand what the neighbourhood, the traffic and the people are like. You can see what goes on during the day and even test out commute times during the day when you would be travelling to and from work.

You might feel a little strange about doing this, but it really can help you see what living in a new neighbourhood will be like. Take a stroll, have a bite to eat and chat with the locals. You will find that you can learn a lot about a place just by visiting it.

Finding the right neighbourhood for you and your family might take some legwork, but it is very important where you live and find the perfect space is a reward in itself. After all, it is where you call home.