Are Landlords Benefiting Form Online Property Rental Portal Services?

Benefit By Listing With Reputable Online Property Rental Portal Services?
14 March 2016

The real estate sector in the UK is highly fragmented and incredibly inefficient, with the tens of hundreds of agents being a clear testament to this fact. Some year back, the agent who posted it was controlling any property that appeared online and there was no way, where property owners can bypass online estate agents and list their properties on their own.


Most of the customers that an estate agent London gets is through online inquiries and through having access to an online property listing portal, you can have direct access to the customers while avoiding the commissions that you would have paid to the agents. There are many top and fantastic portals in the UK that any landlord can use to achieve this fantastic goal. Landlords can get the quality of tenants that they would want to attract in the most efficient manner possible.

Now, this seems to be ending as online rental property services are making it possible for property owners to bypass online estate agents UK and make their properties available online. This means that they can have direct access to tenants without having to go through agents. In the past, some agents have kept the best listings to themselves and making it accessible to a few select tenants. With this knowledge, property owners may be forced to list with multiple agents, therefore increasing the cost of doing business while also making it an inconvenience
dealing with many agents. This is why having online property rental portal services for landlords can be of immense help.

By posting your property in reputable portals, you boost your chances of finding tenants quickly. You can do this comfortably without thinking about getting the help of a well-known high street real estate agent, which means that you can avoid the notoriously unbearable commissions that you would pay them. The cost of getting your property listed on these online portals is just a small fraction of what you would use as fees for the online estate agents. What’s more interesting is that other than the one-off fee that you may be asked to pay, there are no hidden fees.

In some instances, online estate agents UK are in crossroads because they find themselves representing both tenants and landlords. This is a typical case of conflict of interest as agents get double commissions by representing property owners and tenants alike. The result is some sort of a flawed system that can be avoided when property owners have their listing information on one database where they can get all their tenants. The online portals can assist in streamlining the real estate industry, making it easy, convenient and cost-effective for both the proprietor and potential tenants.

With the ever-changing real estate landscape in the UK, property owners are on the lookout for fantastic ways of filling vacancies in their properties quickly, conveniently and at the lowest cost. They also want to ensure that potential tenants can know about the existence of their properties.

By listing their properties in online rental portals, they can bypass online estate agents and deal directly with their tenants.