How Online Estate Agents Can Democratise Renting

24 May 2017

According to LetBritain’s market research from April 2017, 42% of UK renters feel that the process of securing a rental property is ruthless and unethical. Why is the rental system so unfair to the people who rely on it most? The answer undoubtedly lies in the underhanded tactics letting agents use to make as much money as possible. From inducing bidding wars to showing favouritism, high street estate agents are under the suspicion of renters across the country. Fortunately, online estate agents are providing valuable resources to both landlords and tenants, turning the market around. Here’s how virtual letting agencies like LetBritain can democratise the renting process.


Directly Connect Landlords and Tenants

First and foremost, online estate agents are creating an even playing field by eliminating conniving letting agents from the equation entirely. At LetBritain, our online portal lets landlords create their own listings, complete with photographs and descriptions, and set their own prices. Then, prospective tenants can browse these listings and communicate directly with the landlord to discuss rentals. There’s no estate agent hanging around, playing tenants against each other to get a higher price or collecting steep agency fees from landlords—just open, honest communication between the parties involved.


Practise Truth in Advertising  

One of the major problems with renting from estate management agencies is that they often advertise properties that aren’t on the market. Our research demonstrates that 38% of UK renters feel they have been shown rental properties online that their estate agents know to be unavailable. In London, this figure is even more dramatic—a whopping 57% of renters are suspect of false advertising. LetBritain eliminates advertising concerns by constantly updating our listings to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information. We give you all the resources you need to make an informed choice about the place you choose to rent, and we would never show you a listing that we know is no longer on the market.


No Special Preferences

Our market research reveals that 31% of UK renters feel they have lost out on a rental because their estate agent had preferred relationships with other prospective tenants. Virtual letting agencies sidestep this issue by their very nature. Online services do not allow for favouritism—they simply show you the right properties for your situation and connect you with the landlords who run them. At LetBritain, we offer multiple packages with different capabilities, but our services are consistent within our packages. Plus, we provide the same high-quality live support to all of our clients, regardless of the package they choose.


The rental property market has been controlled by estate agents for years, but virtual letting agencies are turning the tide. By putting power in the hands of landlords and tenants, LetBritain removes the problems caused by greedy letting agencies looking for profit from commissions and hidden fees. We make the process quick, easy and transparent, proving that the best estate agents are the ones inside your computer, not the stuffy agency on the high street.