How to Let Your Property Online with LetBritain’s DIY Service

How to Let Your Property Online with LetBritain
2 May 2014

It seems everything these days is turning digital, and the housing rental market is no exception as tenants transfer their searches online.  Online letting websites such as are proving just as popular as the traditional estate agent, allowing people to fit their home search around their busy lifestyle.


Another major advantage of choosing an online virtual agency is it can prove much cheaper.  High street agents are known for charging extra unexpected fees for tenants and landlords, leaving frustrated customers turning to services such as Let Britain.  The website allows landlords and tenants to take control of their rental experience, at minimal cost.


Fareed Nabir, Director of Let Britain, says, “The private rental sector is booming right now, as due to a number of factors the UK is experiencing an era of ‘Generation Rent.’  With many people struggling to get a foot on the property ladder, more and more people are looking for quality rented accommodation.  The old fashioned high street agency uses an outdated process and can cost a fortune.  Let Britain offers a self-service online process, where tenants and landlords won’t pay unnecessary fees for the simple things they can do themselves – such as taking photographs and creating their own listing.”


High street agents can continue to charge tenants and landlords throughout the tenancy, which means unexpected costs for maintenance and even administration fees for re-signing contracts.  Online agencies such as LetBritain are designed to help landlords let their homes, but the tenancy is fully managed by the landlord.  The virtual letting website hands back control to the landlord, and the process is simple and cost effective.


In terms of services that Let Britain provides, they do the same job as many traditional high street agents:

  • Market the property to a large audience
  • Links landlords and prospective tenants
  • Helps to arrange viewings
  • Produces a tenancy agreement for both parties to sign


The one way Let Britain is completely different to usual estate agents is their paperless process.  The virtual letting agency takes away the hassle by communicating through email and allowing tenants and landlords to sign the tenancy agreement online.


Fareed Nabir adds, “When people try to oppose online rental agencies, the only argument they have is that customers won’t benefit from the local housing knowledge of their advisors.  When landlords are letting their own properties, they are the person who knows their house best and how to suitably market it.”