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LetBritain is an online letting agent. We've decided enough is enough
when it comes to the poor service and overpriced fees of high street
estate agents and taken a stand.

Frequently asked questions?

Remember, as with all of LetBritain's services, there is absolutely no commission or hidden fees.

  • What is LetBritain?   

    LetBritain is an online letting agent. We've decided enough is enough when it comes to the poor service and overpriced fees of high street estate agents and taken a stand.

    Our carefully designed, secure system means that we can put landlords in touch with tenants directly. You can use us to increase the marketing reach of your rental property and get it featured on sites like Rightmove, but keep your costs down by handling the rest of the rental process yourself.

  • What kind of properties can I advertise on LetBritain?   

    You can advertise any residential property to rent with LetBritain, from flats to detached family homes.

  • What locations does LetBritain advertise in?    

    Our online estate agents services are available across the whole country. After all, it does say Britain in the name! We do everything online, so our reach is much wider than a single high street location.

  • How much does it cost?   

    LetBritain offers three online letting agents packages: Basic, Standard and Premium, with prices starting from only £9.95+VAT. Check out our services page to find out which one of these plans is right for you.

  • Can I upgrade my package?   

    Yes you can upgrade your package any time simply by paying the difference between the price of the package you wish to purchase and that of the package you’ve already purchased.

  • For how long will my property be advertised?   

    Each package comes with a standard advertising period of 24 weeks. If necessary, the package can be renewed for a further 24 weeks, or a different package established at the end of the period.

  • Where will my advert appear?   

    The places where your property is advertised will depend on the type of package you select. Our basic package offers you the chance to advertise your property on our exclusive online estate agent website right here. Our standard package offers you this as well as the ability to advertise on Rightmove. Our premium package offers exclusive access to Zoopla and Prime Location, as well as Rightmove and our LetBritain website.

    Have a look here at our services to find out more.

  • Who conducts the viewings on my properties and when will they occur?   

    Our LetBritain independent estate agent services are specifically designed to give landlords and tenants as much power as possible. That means you can do viewings at a time of your own convenience-putting you in charge of the process every step of the way. You can arrange a time and date with prospective tenants through our system.

  • How and when will I get the deposit?   

    As part of the LetBritain tenancy process, the tenant will pay the value of the deposit (decided by you) as well as a month's worth of rent as an upfront payment to LetBritain as soon as their references have been confirmed and you've given the go ahead to approve the tenancy. These funds will be released to the landlord the day after the tenant has moved in to the property.

  • What should I do with the deposit?   

    Landlords are required to hold the deposit funds in one of three appointed schemes to protect it. Tenancy Deposit Protection is something we at LetBritain fully support. If you’re not yet aware of your obligations as a landlord here, you can find out more information by calling 0871 703 0552 or visit My Deposits or the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

  • How do I carry out tenant referencing?   

    LetBritain takes care of this for you. We have all the necessary legal boxes ticked to be able to process tenant references safely and securely. When communicating with a prospective tenant through your LetBritain landlord dashboard you will reach the point when you decide you want to move forward with them. It's then time for you to initiate the referencing process. There is a small charge for this which we ask tenants to cover.

    Personal reference checks are completed very quickly, usually within an hour. The ex-landlord and work references are dependent on how long people take to respond.

  • How does the tenant pay the rent each month?   

    After the first month's rent and deposit have been paid through LetBritain, the financial relationship moves to a direct agreement between yourself and the tenant. Rent is to be paid on a monthly basis and we advise you to set up a standing order with your tenants, on an agreed date of each month.

  • Who does the tenant turn to if there are any issues with the property during the tenancy?   

    With online letting agents, this is all down to you as the landlord to decide! Instead of pushing you to use our suppliers for repairs and maintenance, it's up to you who you want to use and how you want to handle things.

    Of course we encourage you to use approved service providers and keep the property in a good state of repair for your tenants. But whether you employ someone to do this for you or choose to do the work yourself is your call-it's just another way we're helping you to keep costs down as a landlord.

  • When can I start advertising?   

    As soon as you like! Once your package is confirmed, the only person in charge of your advert is you. That means it can be up on our system as quickly or as slowly as you like as you're in complete control of the advert's style and content.

  • How do I choose the right tenant?   

    As much as we like to make things as easy as possible for our landlords, this is one thing we can't do for you. And that's probably for the best-nobody can decide who your perfect tenant is better than you can.

    What we can do is provide reference checks and a range of landlord advice and support in our Legal Library and Blog.

  • Why should I choose the online letting agents at LetBritain?   

    We at LetBritain are the online letting agents for you because we put you in charge. You create the adverts, you arrange the viewing, you choose the tenant. Our digital infrastructure empowers you to make your own decisions at your own pace, and avoids wasting money on exorbitant high street letting agent fees.

    We have also gone to great lengths to build a secure system. We operate using HTTPS protocol to keep your details safe during your time using our website and our services and we follow industry best practice and strict regulations on top of this. Our full Privacy Policy is available for you to read here.

    You might also like to know that we have industry support from The Property Ombudsman and The National Landlords Association.

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