landlords legal LIBRARY

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This covers all the regulations that landlords need to be aware of as well as the certifications


These guides explain how, where and when a landlord may apply for benefits, also how rules and regulations of certain tenant benefits may affect a landlord.

Building & Planning

These guides cover the Planning Permissions & Building Regulation requirements landlords need to be aware of

CCJ's & Debt Recovery

This includes all information regarding debt recovery, rent arrears, also guides of how to go about recovering rent and making a claims

Data Protection

All the documents and forms with regards to data protection, what is collected, how data is used and whom you may share data with

Ending a Tenancy

This includes all the court forms, guides, documents and information needed to end a tenancy

Energy & Water

Entails the guidelines, responsibilities and requirements for landlords who provide energy and water

Enforcement & Penalties

Everything you need to know about Civil Penalties and Rent Repayment

Fire Safety

Assessment templates and guides of how to effectively make your property fire safe

Pre-Tenancy Documents

Holding deposit forms, Property inventory and referencing forms

Managing a Tenancy

Landlord Letters to tenant templates, Guides to maintaining and taking action during a tenancy.


Guides to HMO licensing requirements and the acts you need to be aware of

Health & Safety

Guides to health and safety requirements and risk assessment template


Guides to repairs and landlord responsibilities to provide tenants with a safe occupancy

Setting Up A Tenancy

Renting Checklist and Holding deposit return forms


Guides to tax landlords will receive on their property and inventory

Tenancy Agreements

All the tenancy agreement documents you may need as well as guides of use

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