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Answers to the most common questionS we get asked by Tenants

How does LetBritain work?+
What areas do you cover?+
How do I set up a viewing?+
How do online letting agents process references?+
What happens when I've found a property I want to rent?+
What's the procedure for moving in? +
Why do you handle the first month's rent and the deposit and not the landlord? +
What happens to my deposit?+
When will my deposit be returned to me? +
How do I pay rent in after the first month?+
Does the rent include council tax and utilities?+
Who do I talk to if I have an issue with the property during my tenancy? +
Should I take out insurance? +
How do I know my personal information and finances are secure with you? +
Online letting agent in Uk
Searching Tenants
Online letting agent in Uk
Online letting agent in Uk
Saved in Fees
Online letting agent in Uk
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