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Frequently asked questions?

Remember, as with all of LetBritain's services, there is absolutely no commission or hidden fees.

  • How does LetBritain work?   

    Traditional estate agents act as a middleman throughout the letting process, preventing tenants and landlords from developing a relationship and often using underhanded tactics to create competition.

    Online estate agents LetBritain are different. We allow tenants and landlords to communicate directly, without high street estate agents obscuring the process with their self-serving motivations.

    While traditional estate agents can have hidden fees LetBritain charges £99.00 inc VAT per tenant for referencing. LetBritian does not charge for administration or tenancy agreements.

  • What areas do you cover?   

    LetBritain covers all of Britain! We have properties to rent in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and beyond. Head over to our Find a Property section to start searching for your perfect new home.

  • How do I set up a viewing?   

    This is where things are a bit different when you find a property through an online letting agents the viewings will be arranged directly between you and the landlord.

    Once you've registered with LetBritain, you can send a request for a viewing date and time that suits you from your tenant dashboard. The landlord will receive your request directly and either confirm their availability or arrange an alternative time.

  • How do online letting agents process references?   

    We're set up with all the legal requirements to safely and securely take your references. A personal reference check will take just an hour to complete, while the ex-landlord and work references will be dependent on how long people take to respond to our requests.

  • What happens when I've found a property I want to rent?   

    When you've found a property you like and had your reference check approved, it's time for the final paperwork. LetBritain takes care of this with an Assured Short-Hold Tenancy Agreement which you can sign digitally to save time.

    Finally, you'll need to make payment before you receive the keys to your new rented house. The LetBritain team will make sure you have all the information you need to make your move before we ask you to make payment on the first month's rent and your deposit and sign the contract.

  • What's the procedure for moving in?    

    A check-in will take place at your new home the day you collect your keys. You will initial a Tenancy Agreement for yourself and another copy for your landlord-who will do the same. An up-to-date inventory will also be supplied at the start of the tenancy and you are expected to check this when you get to the property and return it with any amendments within three working days to the landlord.

    When the tenancy ends a check-out report will be prepared by the landlord.

  • Why do you handle the first month's rent and the deposit and not the landlord?    

    This is to protect you! We have several checks in place to ensure that the people using our online letting agents services are genuine, but the final one is our policy not to release the funds to the landlord until they have released the keys to you, the tenant.

  • What happens to my deposit?   

    Once we have released your deposit funds to your landlord they are obliged to protect it in one of three appointed schemes. As the tenant, you are entitled to know where your deposit is held within 14 days.

    Tenancy Deposit Protection has been introduced to ensure good practice in deposit handling, so that when a tenant pays a deposit, and is entitled to get it back, they can be assured that this will happen.

    If your landlord cannot prove that your deposit is protected they are breaking the law and can be fined up to three times the value of your deposit. For more information, call 0871 703 0552 or visit My Deposits.

  • When will my deposit be returned to me?    

    Assuming you have caused no damage to the property, your deposit will be returned to you at the end of your tenancy. An inspection will take place and if damages are found then the tenant and landlord (in conjunction with the Inventory Clerk) will have to agree what sum is deductible.

    Landlords make the process as fair as possible by having a professional inventory agent examine the property. Please be aware that it is not permissible for you to cancel your last month's rent payment because the landlord holds a security deposit. The deposit is legally a separate issue from rent payment and you will be in breach of your contractual agreement if you do this which could lead to prosecution.

  • How do I pay rent in after the first month?   

    Rent is to be paid on a monthly basis usually by standing order on the agreed date of each subsequent month to the landlord.

  • Does the rent include council tax and utilities?   

    Unless explicitly agreed to the contrary between yourself and the landlord, all monthly rents are exclusive of utility charges and council tax.

    You will need to notify your local authority at the start of your tenancy to calculate your monthly council tax payments.

    For water, electricity and gas, it is your responsibility as the tenant to check meter readings when you move in and arrange energy contracts for your tenancy.

  • Who do I talk to if I have an issue with the property during my tenancy?

    As an online letting agents, LetBritain encourage all communication to take place directly between the tenant and the landlord. For viewings, references, agreements and getting moved in, you will communicate with the landlord through the LetBritain website. During the tenancy, contact the landlord directly to report any repairs or deal with any queries.

  • Should I take out insurance?

    LetBritain advise you to look at home contents insurance to protect your personal possessions.

  • How do I know my personal information and finances are secure with you?

    Security is top of our list of priorities. We use a secure HTTPS protocol to protect your information and follow strict regulations to keep your information safe at every stage of the process. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.

    We're also supported by The Property Ombudsman and The National Landlords Association and we work with industry regulated procedures, such as the use of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

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