How to Write a Super Awesome Property Let Ad Online

17 October 2018

The UK’s property crisis is stagnating and there is an increasing number of people resorting to rental accommodation due to the difficulty of getting on the property ladder. It’s now estimated that by 2021, the private rental market will provide housing for around one-quarter of the entire UK population.

As the competition in the renters market increases, a successful and well written online property advert can make a huge difference when it comes to maximising the potential of your property and securing valuable tenants at the right price point.

That’s why we’ve created this handy guide in our landlord blog to help you write better and more successful online property adverts that will help attract new tenants.


How to write an accurate property description

At the very least, the description of your rental property needs to be accurate and not misleading. It will be hard to field awkward questions from prospective tenants during a viewing if your advert incorrectly mentions the size or overall condition of your property, let alone any extra bathrooms or a garden that might have been snuck in.

Tenants read online property listings very closely and you will risk looking unprofessional if your property advert is misleading, so by ensuring you keep your property description accurate, you can’t go far wrong. 

Don’t forget, that when you choose an online rental agent, like LetBritian, you won’t have to worry about crafting a perfect property listing, as the online letting agents will do this for you.

How to write a successful property description

By all means, you should be proud of your rental property and you can express this through carefully chosen words in the property description. However, don’t be tempted to go overboard with adjectives in your online property advert. If you do, then you will run the risk of making the property description unclear or difficult to believe – renters can tell when a property listing is trying too hard, which is a big red flag.  

An advisable approach is to reference your property’s particular features, such as a newly refurbished kitchen or brand new appliances while trying to avoid gilding the lily at the same time. Equally, you shouldn’t list every single tiny feature of your rental property in one long bullet point list. Instead, pick out the main areas of interest at your property such as bedrooms, bathrooms, reception or living rooms, garage, or car parking and outdoor spaces and let your photographs do the rest of the talking.

Make sure you describe any local amenities or transport links nearby too, as this will help a renter know what the local area is like, and how far it is to the nearest bus stop, supermarket, train station or even gym or cinema. Remember, you’re selling your property and its location.


Always, always include photos

Make a renter’s search for a new home a lot easier by providing clear, accurate photos of your rental property and you will see a sharp increase in the number of enquires you get for your property when it’s advertised online.

Many landlords make the mistake of only photographing their appliances; which doesn’t tell a tenant much about the property itself. Try to get the whole room in the shot, to give the prospective renter an accurate idea of the size and interior style of your property. After all, they will be living there and will want to know if they can feel at home.

For example, don’t just take a close up of the toilet or shower in the bathroom, even if your bathroom is small, by including the fittings in the whole frame, the renter can see the décor and size as well.

It may sound shocking but there is a large volume of online property adverts out there with terrible photographs, due to poor lighting or the photos were taken while the room was untidy or cluttered. Nothing puts off potential renters more than photos of an untidy or dirty property, so make sure you have a bit of a spring clean and perhaps even put out some charming home accessories to better show off your interiors before you start snapping away.


Spell check your advert 

After all of your hard work carefully structuring your online property listing, you don’t want to let yourself down with an embarrassing typo or spelling mistake. Double check that your online property advert is grammatically correct before you publish your listing, for a truly professional finish.


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