Online Letting Agency Reveals Surge in Postgraduate Rental Market

Online letting agency Postgrad landlord on the mobile
14 January 2014

LetBritain, a online self-service letting agency believe the UK’s postgraduate rental market is set for significant growth in the near future, creating opportunities for keen landlords.  Research reveals that numbers of postgraduate students have increased by 13.4% since 2007, and most of these students have a preference for living outside of student accommodation.


It is estimated that this growth in postgraduate numbers is down to a competitive job market in the UK, with many British undergraduates choosing to stay on at university to maximise their chances of finding a job.  International students also account for a large part of this growth, as they are attracted to the UK’s higher education system for its quality and abundance of subjects.


Fareed Nabir, Director of Let Britain, says, “The growing number of university students who are choosing to stay in education for longer are creating fantastic opportunities for landlords around the country.  Rental investors can see an average yield of 7.8% on student rental properties, more than any other commercial asset.  Some of the best areas for postgraduate rental properties, such as Glasgow and Leicester are achieving an 8% yield, which is a worthwhile investment for any landlord.”


He adds, “Students make up a vital part of our client base, and the findings of this research suggests the student rental market has a positive and steady future.  Our self-service online lettings agency is an easy, hassle free service provided with landlords and tenants in mind.  As the UK’s first virtual property letting website, Let Britain is ideal for busy students trying to find a property around their hectic timetables.”

For a long time, student halls of residence accommodation has been a good investment opportunity as these are often the first point of call for undergraduate students.  However, the postgraduate student rental market is only just materialising, leaving room for extensive growth in the coming years.  If the boom in international students and concerned British undergraduates continues, which it is expected to, then the postgraduate rental market will surge throughout the UK’s university cities.


With the efficiency of Let Britain’s website, postgraduate students will be able to browse properties at ease and enjoy direct contact with landlords.  It is extremely helpful for students who are new to the area, or those who are looking to change accommodation once graduating, possibly to a more upmarket property.  Landlords can also benefit from this stress-free, paperless service and find tenants quickly and efficiently.