Online Letting Agent in United Kingdom 2021

online letting agent in UK
3 April 2021

Letting Agent

Some landlords or owner can easily manage their own properties, but lacking the time or the experience, they might want to consider employing a letting agent. The main purpose of a online letting agent is to connect landlord and tenant. This letting agent take commission (sometimes form both side, landlord and tenant) when they successfully came up with a contact with both landlord and tenant.

Online Letting Agent

There are lots of Online Letting Agent are available worldwide. This online service is one of the easiest ways to search and find suitable home. In United Kingdom there are more than thousands of Online Letting Agent are working with this issue. Day by day Online Letting Agent’s popularity is increased.

How Online Letting agent works?

Online Letting Agent can a great efficient way to find home and tenant. Letting’s agencies will normally give you some basic choice or levels of service.

Tenant-find only

This types of letting agent’s work process is given below-

  • They’ll market the property
  • They can show prospective tenants around
  • Check references and draw up tenancy agreements.
  • They may also collect the first month’s rent and deposit.
  • You can pay extra for an inventory and check-in on moving-in day.

Tenant find with rent collection

With this service, they will offer the same services as tenant-find only but they’ll also collect the payments as per the contact.

Online letting agent Uk

Full management

Full management service are like-

  • They offer the same services as tenant find and rent collection,
  • They will also manage the day-to-day running of the property while a tenant is living
  • They bear the cost of repair and maintenance,
  • These agents will follow up on missed rent payments,
  • They also offer contract renewals and reassess rent prices based on market changes, renegotiating rent rates with existing tenants where needed.

Notice period for Leaving/ Switching Letting Agencies

There will be full description in written with the contact paper regarding leaving or switching any letting agencies. There are some of basic reason for leaving or switching letting agency for both property owner or tenant service holder. If any of them aren’t happy with the agent, then they can switch to another firm or simply go it alone, but there you will have to give notice. The typical notice period is two months, though some contracts tie you in for six months which is depend on agreement.

Charges for Online Letting Agent

Depending on the terms and conditions, in Online Letting Agent agreement, Tenants should really only have to pay these letting agent fees – it may vary from agency’s policy

  • Inventory fee
  • Tenancy reference
  • Deposit of four to six weeks’ rent
  • Agreement fee
  • Tenancy renewal fee
  • Admin fee

Choosing Option of an Online Letting Agent

There are both small, local agencies and big, national agencies are available in United Kingdom. Both of them have positive and negative side but it actually depends on the location you are searching the agent. It seems that, the place where you are looking for a letting agent, there can be a small agent but it can be the best. On the other hand, big sized or national Online Letting Agent may not so popular on that particular location you are searching for living.

A smaller agency knows the area, and the local renting market – and may perhaps even have similar properties on their books – and can get to the property quickly if they ever need to.

A national agency, that’s owned by an estate agency, might have more marketing resource to help rent out your property, and can be a better option for landlords looking to rent out multiple properties in different locations.

So you need to decide your location and also need to think about your affordability then contact to any bog or small agency.


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List of the Online Letting Agent in the UK

Here is the list of the most reliable Online Letting Agent in UK which are given below-

  • LetBritain
  • Manning Stainton
  • Bradleys Estate Agents
  • Northwood
  • Ryder & Dutton
  • Ludlowthompson
  • Choices
  • Reeds Rains
  • Townends
  • Outlook Property
  • Gascoigne Pees
  • Property Moves
  • Streets Ahead
  • Property World
  • Balgores Property Group
  • Fine & Country
  • Davis Tate
  • Richard Kendall Estate Agent
  • Dafydd Hardy
  • Oakfield
  • Newman Property Experts
  • CJ Hole
  • Paramount Properties
  • Dayfields
  • Preston Baker
  • Goodfellows
  • Sears Property
  • Jorgensen Turner
  • Hannells
  • Conran
  • Cameron Estate Agents
  • Cross Keys Estates
  • Beresfords
  • Perry Bishop and Chambers
  • Winkworth
  • MyLondonHome
  • Smart Homes
  • Jan Forster Estates
  • Brinkley’s Estate Agents
  • Pedder
  • Jones Robinson Estate Agents
  • Sawyer & Co
  • Keating Estates Ltd
  • Pinewood Properties
  • Mosley Jarman
  • Castles Estate Agents (London)
  • Richard James Estate Agents (Swindon)
  • Dacre Son & Hartley
  • Victorstone Property Consultants
  • Ellis & Co
  • Pacitti Jones
  • Lawson (Plymouth)
  • Country Properties
  • Mark Antony Estates
  • Glenn Flegg & Co
  • Helmores


  • Southside Property Management
  • Gascoigne Halman
  • Bacon & Co
  • Jordan Fishwick
  • Mansell McTaggart
  • Chase Buchanan
  • Grants Independent Estate Agents
  • Stags
  • Hotblack Desiato
  • Maitlands
  • Brookdale Property Management
  • Carson & Co
  • Julie Twist Properties
  • Oakhill Estate Agents
  • Holdens Property Services Ltd
  • Franklyn James
  • Gibbs Gillespie
  • Sterling Estate Agents (Herts & London)
  • Choices InvestmentsLeonard Leese
  • Living In London
  • Harvey Robinson
  • Beresford Adams
  • Harrisons
  • Miller MetcalfeMcEwan Fraser Legal
  • Beresford Residential
  • Olympia Properties
  • Priory Property Services
  • Mansbridge Balment
  • Links Estate Agents
  • Lawler & Co
  • Christopher Russell Property Services
  • David Andrew
  • We Let Properties
  • Homezone Property Services
  • Patrick Williams Ltd
  • Hills Residential
  • Paul Carr Estate Agents
  • Spencer Harvey Estate and Letting Agents
  • Castles (Swindon)


  • Benjamin Stevens
  • Rawlinson Gold Estate Agents
  • BlakeStanley
  • Mortimers Estate Agents
  • Global House Estates Ltd
  • City Lord
  • Scottish House Move
  • City Lord
  • Scottish House Move
  • Complete Estate Agents
  • Nicol & Co
  • McDougall McQueen
  • Ainsworth Lord Estates
  • loveyourpostcode
  • JD Property
  • Bridge
  • Cheffins
  • Kerr & Co Residential
  • Bridges Estate Agents
  • W J Meade
  • Ezytrac Property Management
  • Castledene Sales & Lettings
  • Infiniti Properties
  • Mayhew Estates
  • Burn & Warne
  • Michael Hardy
  • Hurford Salvi Carr
  • Village Estates
  • Lakin & Co
  • Duncan Yeardley Estate Agents
  • Town & Country Southern
  • Mishon Mackay
  • Michael Anthony
  • Starkey & Brown
  • Peter Anthony
  • Clive Anthony Sales & Lettings
  • JP & Brimelow
  • Bricknells Rentals Ltd
  • Draker Lettings
  • The Letting Game
  • London Property Guru Ltd
  • Heritage Property
  • ABC Gone Ltd
  • Greater London Properties
  • Chelton Brown
  • Park Row Properties
  • Oliver Jaques
  • J R Hopper & Co
  • Up Estates
  • Horler Associates
  • NGU Homelettings & Sales
  • Drivers & Norris
  • Sarah Kenny Residential Lettings
  • ML Estates
  • 247 Property Services
  • Harringtons Lettings
  • Vincent Chandler
  • Chamberlains Estate Agents
  • Umega Lettings
  • Bernards Estate Agents
  • Robert Oulsnam & Company
  • Barton Kendal
  • Rubicon Estate Agents
  • riverhomes
  • Red Brick Sales Lettings
  • Parkgate Estate Agency
  • Elizabeth Pryce
  • Boardwalk Property Co.
  • City Realtor
  • Miller Town & Country
  • Simon Clarke Letting Agents
  • The Flatman Partnership
  • The Property Cloud
  • Castle Residential (London)
  • Hammonds Estate Agents
  • Goldin Lemcke
  • David Daniels
  • fish need water
  • Horts Estate Agents
  • M & M Properties
  • Stanford Estates
  • Bailey Estates
  • Harrisons Estate Agents (Bolton)
  • Peach Properties
  • Homesure Property
  • 1-2-Let
  • Adore Properties
  • DJ Alexander SalesLifestyle Property Services, Letting and Management
  • Tuffin & Wren
  • Church Robinson
  • Keystones Property
  • Black and Golds Estate Agents
  • CODA Estates
  • Squires Estates
  • Jigsaw Letting & Move
  • Oakwood Estates
  • Hausman & Holmes
  • Harvey Scott Cheshire Ltd
  • Beecroft Estates
  • A H Lansley Residential
  • Allen Heritage Estate Agents
  • GBP Estates
  • Burghleys Estate Agents
  • The Stow Brothers
  • Ushers Estate Agents
  • Wyatt Hughes Ltd


So, in the conclusion, we can say that online letting agency in one of the most popular way to find bet fit of housing for both property owner and tenant also. People are more interest to search this agency from online instead of visiting to agency’s office. Therefore, people can easily search any specific or suitable agency and can get whole information of that agency in a very short period of time through online facilities.

People around the world wants to live peacefully in a house. It is one of the most important basic needs of human. Many People in today’s world are always accuse about the things they don’t have. For example, the person who has a house wants a bungalow and the one who owns a bungalow wants a palace. Its a universal truth and people are changing their mind day by day regarding their needs and wants. However, if we look at the people who live below us rather than those who lives above us, then we will be happier. Some people prefer living in a house, others feel that there are more benefits or advantages to living in an apartment.

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   Advantages of Letting Agency Living in a Peaceful House

house for rent

For some, a house is considered for permanent settlement and a flat is considered only a temporary living place. A house is expensive to own and an apartment is the easy solution to their accommodation need because it has no other maintenance cost. Letting agencies helps us to find the perfect house living peacefully.


Things that consider online letting agent for living in a house peacefully


In generally, people should conscious about his finance condition regarding living in a house. House should be within people’s affordable balanced with his/her income. People are nod a day’s take rent facilities which is generally cheaper than a mortgage. Overall lower monthly payment and other financial components like utilities are generally lower.


People should think about the maintained cost before do contract for any house. Maintenance cost sometimes goes high effects overall costs of the house.


People should consider other amenities for renting or contract a house, other facilities including good communication facilities from going one place to another, nearby grocery shops, Restaurants, Prayer hall, shopping mall, police station, educational intuition etc.


People should consider overall safety of its residents. The close proximity of neighbors and the society security is the main things to consider for any housing.


Size of house depends on the necessary and number of family members. Apartment proportions are, simply put, convenient and well designed.  For Students, They are generally looking for a place to call home; a living room, bedroom, bathroom and maybe a kitchen for show.  So, I must not have to be large and lavish, it just needs to feel safe and quaint.  This same basic need is different in most people, college kids, single women, bachelors and even friends who chose to live as roommates.


Other great benefits of house living are the social implications of the close proximity and connections one develops during their residency. 

Terms of Contact

There is always a rentals facility which may include short or Long-term options.  Some people decide to buy a home is a lifelong and others try to stay short term contact. It means people can move wherever and whenever he need by giving simple notice to the owner. Whether you are working on saving money or mentally preparing for the responsibility of owning a home, an apartment is the best option.


People should think about his savings. So he or she need to save money and try not to take high priced home. By keeping the money saved into a “rainy day” account, this can be the beginning of a brighter financial vision.

Lower Responsibility

It is very relaxing thing that if you live in a house where is included all the facilities, then it can also a stress reliever. 


One of the best things about living a house is the close proximity of anything you need.  Shopping center, restaurant and transport, and police station locations are typically chosen by the overall demographic of a community. 


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Disadvantages of Online Letting Agent

  • Online Letting Agent Fees can be prohibitive for some landlords,
  • If tenant got any problem it may take time to solve the issue.
  • Some of agency’s service is too poor
  • If agency goes bankrupt, then the landlord will still be liable to the tenant for any outstanding money due to the tenant, such as their deposit.