Online Lettings Agents – The Fastest Way to Rent Your Property

19 December 2017

For many landlords, high street lettings agencies are quickly becoming a thing of the past. As well as costing you a significant chunk more money than online lettings agents like LetBritain, it may also surprise you to hear that cutting them out could also save you loads of time.

For too long, high street lettings agents have reigned supreme in the rental sector, as the only way that landlords can hope to secure a tenancy, and the only way tenants can get a property. This monopoly has let them charge whatever they like for a service that’s done entirely their way and at their own pace.

Luckily there’s now an alternative. Here, we explain the different ways in which online lettings agents services can make the whole rental process quicker, easier and more efficient.

Find tenants from the comfort of your own sofa

Perhaps one of the best things about using online lettings agents is that it puts you completely in control of the whole lettings process. From preparing the photographs, writing the advert and relevant descriptions of your property to selecting the right tenant – the whole package is yours to handle.

This means instead of going through endless meetings with lettings agents, you can simply sign up online from the comfort of your own sofa, write your own advert and click ‘upload’. Simple as that.

Cut out unnecessary bureaucracy and lettings fees

Of course, as well as cutting out all the unnecessary stages of the lettings process, sites like LetBritain also let you cut out all the unnecessary charges too. Of course, the exposure for your property is still the same – the difference is we’re not charging you the world for unnecessary meetings, admin and bureaucracy.

Arrange your own viewings and choose your own tenants

Once you’ve heard back from your tenants, you can arrange a viewing whenever is mutually convenient for you. In fact, this part of the process doesn’t involve us really – and really shouldn’t have involved letting agents in the first place. Who better to show a prospective tenant around a new property than the person who owns it?

So you can cut out the time and cost of organising the lettings agency to do it on your behalf and take control of the situation for yourself.

Save time with the best online lettings agents

Here at LetBritain, we’re confident that once you make the switch to online lettings agents you won’t want to switch back to the high street again. With simple, flat rate fees from as little as £9.95, and the opportunity to advertise on websites like Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and more, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best opportunities for your money with LetBritain.


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