Property To Let London – Importance Of Tenant Referencing

Importance Of Tenant Referencing
4 November 2016

Do you have property to let London way? If so, are you looking for the perfect tenants? Tenant referencing is a must. While nothing can guarantee that you will not have any problems with your tenants, this is the best way to reduce the possibility. Without referencing, you could end up letting a tenant into your property who has a history for treating properties badly, or who is in a dire financial situation and cannot afford the rent, or, even worse, both. Read on to discover more about tenant referencing from letting agents London based.


So, what does tenant referencing entail? There are numerous components to referencing, and the exact details required of tenants will differ depending on the company that carries out the reference check. Nevertheless, there are some factors that are consistent throughout. Firstly, a public information check will be conducted to make sure that the individual does not have bankruptcy fillings, active CCJs, and adverse records.


In addition to this, there will be a residency check. This will be to make sure that the person lives where they have said they do. It will also confirm their date of birth while also checking for potential aliases and any undeclared addresses. If the person has rented properties previously, London letting agents will contact prior landlords to see whether they would recommend their tenants or not.


The next step is the affordability check. This is to make sure that they can afford the rental payments. Firstly, a credit check will be carried out, which includes research into any previous debt issues, credit card debts, and unpaid loans. However, this is not enough to determine if the person can afford the property to let London based. So, the company will also make sure their income is two and half times the rental amount, ensuring they can comfortably pay the rent.