Secure Tenancy is the Number 1 Priority for Families Research Reveals

Secure Tenancy is the Number 1 Priority for Families Research Reveals
25 September 2014

Recent research has revealed that the number one priority for renting London families is a secure tenancy, closely followed by high-quality, well-maintained properties.

As the London letting market benefits from a buoyant boost, bolstering the capital’s growth by 2.9%, the city’s growing renting population have spoken about their priorities and issues which need government attention or intervention.


Fareed Nabir, Founder of self-service letting agency LetBritain, said, “Of course, tenants and landlords both come to the table with a varying list of requirements but the statistics reveal that two essential concerns are having a secure tenancy and also moving into a well-maintained property. For other tenants, it might be more important to be situated close by to a school, hospital or transport line, or to have a degree of autonomy over the property. By getting rid of the man in the middle, tenants and landlords can discuss these matters directly so that every need and requirement can be fulfilled before a lease is agreed.”


With ‘generation rent’ ever growing, it’s important that the large percentage of the population living in rented accommodation are satisfied with their living arrangements.  Secure tenancy is obviously significant, but the process of finding a property is also nowhere nearly efficient as it should be.

The accessible and convenient fixed fee letting agent LetBritain enables tenants to search for properties using a customised, refined search option. By entering a few essential details including desired postcode, minimum and maximum rent, property type and the number of bedrooms, letters can browse a comprehensive list of compatible properties.

By eliminating the middleman or agent, costs are driven down and tenants and landlords can liaise directly to find an ideal match.

With all featured landlords verified by LetBritain, potential tenants can rest assured that they will be operating alongside trustworthy, reliable landlords when discussing their property concerns. Whilst tenants are able to ensure that their landlord and potential property meet their stipulations, landlords too can verify potential residents with credit and background checks.


Mr Nabir adds, “Tenants and landlords form a partnership. When you deal with a middleman, you don’t necessarily forge that connection yourself. With LetBritain, tenants and landlords can create their own relationship. Naturally, it’s an important partnership to have and that’s why the option to speak with one another before a let is agreed is so essential. It eliminates so many problems that potentially can occur further down the line. Both sides can speak freely and if everything is in order, then things can progress quicker and easier from there.”