Small Space Decorating: 7 Tips to Help Small Rooms Look Much Bigger

7 Tips to Help Small Rooms Look Much Bigger
17 November 2014

As today’s letting options become increasingly smaller in size, more and more people are trying to find new and innovative ways to make use of the space they have and make their homes look much larger than they seem. Since you are letting the home and you can’t knock out a wall or add another room whenever you choose, we have decided to share some of our expert design tips that can help you make more of the space you have.


Decorating a small space comes with its own challenges and the following tips will make your space-challenged rooms open up with new life and appear much larger than they really are. Small rooms always seem to get a bad reputation. In our opinion, they are very charming and cosy and, when done right, they can look very inviting.


Providing a focal point for your small room is one way that you can change up the look and maybe even forget about the lack of space. Avoid matching colours with your walls as this usually tends to not only shrink the space, but it also makes it very boring and unappealing to your guests.


Many flats tend to have low ceilings and one way to make space seem taller is to create vertical lines on the walls. I know what you are thinking, but I am letting and the landlord won’t let me paint. You don’t need to paint to create vertical lines; a tall picture, bookshelves and even some of the new wall clings that apply without glues or fasteners and remove easily can help reinvent the space you have.


Another tip is to be sure to keep built-in wall units from looking bulky or overpowering. To do this, make the centre of the unit where you place your focal pieces and choose smaller, less intrusive items for the outer shelves. Making use of this space is important as the shelving units offer some good storage options that will help give you more room elsewhere.

If you have an outdoor space such as a deck, porch or patio, use it. By furnishing your outdoor spaces and making them look inviting and comfortable, you will dramatically increase your living space and get outside for some fresh air during our morning tea or romantic dinner under the stars.


The last tip that we have to share with you today to make your small space seem much larger is one that seems to be the go-to for decorators all over the UK and the rest of the world. Use mirrors in small spaces and let them give the effect of more space by reflecting more space and more light throughout your home. Be sure to decide on a good spot for it so the mirror will reflect something that you actually want to see.


When living in a small space, the less-than-spacious square footage can pose some decorating challenges. These tips will help you to overcome some of those challenges and help your rooms to feel and look much larger than it really is.