How To Become A DIY Landlord

DIY Landlord
10 February 2020


Let Your Property Cost-Effectively With LetBritain


Being a landlord you may own multiple properties or just one, no matter which, your goal is the same. You want your home to be occupied with reliable tenants and you want this done as quickly and cost-effective as possible.

With LetBritain we provide landlords with exactly that, well I mean who knows what landlords want better than landlords themselves

Advertise On Zoopla & Rightmove

So you have a property within the united Kingdom and want to reach out to as many potential tenants as possible, in the quickest time. Initially your first thought would be to advertise your property let on Zoopla and Rightmove.

But how would you go about doing this?

Most landlords would approach a high street agent and end up paying extortionate fees for the privilege because that’s how it’s normally done?

You might ask yourself how can I affordably advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla?

But what if you could with an incredibly low one-off price advertise your let for as long as it needs to with no hidden or extra charges or fees?

At LetBritain we have three cost-effective packages for you to choose from, as mentioned in our previous blog New Rules and Big Upcoming Changes In 2020, you don’t need to be paying commission and admin fees!

You can choose from:

With each package will allow you to become a online DIY Landlord, perform your own lets from start to finish putting full control into your hands. Each of three packages are designed to caters to your individual needs and as we promised these will ensure your property is let cost-effectively. 


Tenant Referencing

Unlike most if not all other online letting agents or high street agents we ensure every landlord who purchases our everything you need package get our tenants reference service as part of the pack

One of our most important values is to provide landlord with confidence in finding the right tenant, we couldn’t stress enough how important it is to do tenant referencing. Our blog post The importance of tenants referencing. Has the key points on the importance of this

For landlords who have chosen our tenant finder package they still have the option to purchase tenant referencing for only £50 per tenant


Legal Library

Isn’t it tough keeping up with all the constant regulation changes and requirements?

What would you say if we told you, you could access the most up to date documents & legal guides all from one place?

Our Legal Library is kept regularly updated and contains exactly this; now tell me what online letting agent gives you this? This is the age of working smart not working hard, cut out the agent, cut out the middleman become a online DIY Landlord.

Full Management

Being a landlord is not every one cup of tea and we know most of us are busy working or with family life and may not be able to monitor their homes effectively. At LetBritain we also offer a full management service which caters to the landlords with busy lives. With this we cover everything from daily maintenance requirements through to planned maintenance, gas safety checks and utilities paperwork and administration for only £79 pcm*.

Landlord Insurance

You can never be too sure what may happen in the future, to prepare for unforeseen events landlord insurance is important. Whether you want building cover, rent cover or contents insurance, contact us and we can provide you with a personalized alternative.

DIY Landlord?

Now what is a DIY Landlord? I sure have mentioned it a lot today, well a DIY Landlord is a landlord who is in full control of their let and has full control over their properties. Become a DIY Landlord today what are you waiting for?

Thank you for having a read! If you found this informative please do share with a friend or colleague. If you missed our prior blog have a look at 5 ways to make your property a smart home.